Are you looking to effortlessly nurture your inner life and awaken your deeper wisdom?

Perhaps you are on a path of self discovery and spiritual exploration. If so, it’s always good to have inspiration and companionship, isn’t it?

But spiritual teachings can sometimes be so dry. The words can sound very deep and true, but it can also get over-serious. Where along the path does our imagination get to play?

Our inner life is fed by metaphors and symbols. Our dreams thrive on rich images. The path is dull if not illuminated with stories.

Storytelling can bear witness to our inner struggles.

When we listen to a story, we are no longer alone in our inner world. We are all on a journey together. That’s the intention behind Stories of the Journey Home.

“Leo’s stories offer a delicious way to reconnect with what matters most in our lives. They seem to arise out of the mystical heart of humanity, gently and kindly tapping our yearning for truth and leading us, with good humour, straight to the heart of our spiritual questions.”

- Danica Shoan Ankele
Program Director,

Stories of the Journey Home Stories of the Journey Home contains audio stories that nurture the inner life. For now, all the material here is free to listen to. Check out my stories below, to download or listen to online.

Please note: these stories are intended for adult listeners. If you want to share them with your older children I recommend reviewing them first to see if they would be appropriate for your child.

For over 100 inspiring stories for children aged 3 to 11, please visit my website



Latest Free Story – The Captain and the Queen of the Sea

Latest Story

Do you sometimes push yourself like a slave driver? Do you put more effort into life than is good for you?
This is a story all about letting go of the desire to force our plans upon life, and trusting life to take us where we need to go. We have enormous potential to bless the world, lying smothered under our desire to do the right thing. Continue reading

Sailing Towards The East

Sailing Towards the East

Do you find yourself planning your life out in minute detail? Do you like to know in advance how tomorrow will go, how next week will pan out? Do you have a 5 year plan for your life? Are there times, however, when you feel trapped by all those plans? Continue reading

The Rock and the Oil Bottle

The Rock and the Oil Bottle

You are carrying a divine gift, and it is intended to heal your brothers and sisters. Do you believe that? No? If so, this story might well be for you. It speaks of the many ways in which we all can resist our greatness, thinking of ourselves as “just ordinary”, denying who we really are. Continue reading

What’s Really Mine?

What's Really Mine

This story addresses themes such as: Can you really, truly be harmed by another? Are you really the sum of your experiences, your possesions, your sense of identity? What happens when you come to the end of what you know? Who are you in truth? What is your true identity? Continue reading