Stories of the Journey Home

Story. Intuition. Creativity. Transformation

Human beings have always used stories to navigate the mysteries of life. Stories bridge the inner and outer worlds that we inhabit, speaking directly to our hearts and affirming our inherent mystery. Without such stories, our journey no longer makes sense to us.

But in the modern age, our cultural story has lost its grounding in mystery and awe. Rational understanding has apparently conquered the unknown.

But we know in our hearts that we are born of the infinite. We need a relationship to the unknown to feel whole. Indeed, the more “known” our universe becomes, the more homeless we feel. When “facts” become more important than stories, the human heart withers.

But the stories we most need have always been within us:

  • Healers and health practitioners: you can bring the healing power of story into your work with clients.
  • Parents: you can tell the stories you most want your children to hear.
  • Artists and professional speakers: you can find a deeper access to your creativity and intuition.
  • Story-lovers everywhere: you can rediscover the stories that affirm your inner world and illuminate your life’s path.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey home. I’m Leo Sofer, and my life’s passion is the power of stories to heal, to awaken and to re-inspire our world.

Or, if you’re wondering if this is really for you, see the kinds of people I’ve helped.