Welcome to Stories of the Journey Home! Here you can find over fifty of the stories of Leo Sofer, told for an adult audience. To find out more about Leo’s work, watch the video below or read more about Leo Sofer.

“I really appreciate your stories and your energy and commitment to getting these important messages out. I think it’s been about 3 or 4 years that I’ve been listening, first to your podcast and then to stories I bought. Every story – regardless of the theme – leaves me feeling more connected, more centred and at peace.” – Amanda Janes

How to Listen

Get unlimited access to the entire catalog for 30 days for only £25. You could listen to a story a week for a year! Use this site as a story-medicine chest by selecting stories by theme to match what you are needing at the time. To subscribe for 30 days, click here

Leo’s other sites

If you enjoy Stories of the Journey Home, you may also like to check out Leo’s Palace of Stories, containing over one hundred downloadable audio stories for children.
Leo also leads regular Intuitive Storytelling trainings both in the UK and abroad. Full details can be found on LeoSofer.com.
In his home town of Stroud, Gloucesershire, he also offers monthly prayerful singing events.
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