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Leo Sofer

Leo Sofer

I have been a spiritual seeker since I was a teenager. I was attracted to stories because of the way they map out the inner life. I studied mythology extensively and then found out that I had a talent for storytelling. Beginning in 1989, at the age of 21, I began telling stories in schools all over the south of England. In seven years I gave over two thousand performances in three hundred schools.

But then, after years of intense inner work, I had a profound creative and spiritual breakthrough: stories started welling up inside me with a life of their own! A flow of images, a stream of words, and I would simply tell what was coming to me. Although I never knew what was coming next, by the time I had finished I had told a coherent and well structured story!

But surprising as this was, what was most moving was that each story carried a clear and inspiring spiritual teaching. It were as if my soul were speaking to me in story form, opening my heart and mind to love and wisdom. I had a sense that something far larger than my conscious mind was offering me a precious gift and inviting me to share it with the world. I am still deeply grateful for this gift and totally dedicated to this calling.

I have told over a thousand such “intuitive stories” in the last 18 years. My children have heard hundreds at their bedside and in my recording studio, and I have told them in schools and other venues for children. I have given hundreds of performances for adults in various venues, and it is now my great pleasure to be teaching others how to receive stories from their own inner guidance.

I am also an experience workshop facilitator, having made a deep study of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg. I studied with him in 1999 and have since completed hundreds of training hours in this modality. Beginning in 2003 I started sharing NVC in groups and have since led hundreds of trainings, practice groups and private sessions, in the private sector and for the general public. In 2006 I became a certified trainer with International Centre for Nonviolent Communication.

This has taught me a lot about leading groups with care and inclusion, and everything that I learned about facilitation I bring to the trainings I now offer in Intuitive Storytelling. This is tender, courageous work and it’s important to create a strong and compassionate container for it.

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Best wishes, Leo.