Tami Simon

Here’s another of my heroes: Tami Simon.

I’ve had the feeling of being in the spiritual wilderness much of my life. At some point in my late teens, probably after reading too many Krishnamurti books, I got it into my head that true spirituality was nigh on impossible to achieve. Only truly extraordinary people had what it took to have anything meaningful to say about the subject. As a result, despite my near constant focus on the subject, I had very little sense of companionship or community. Everyone I encountered who spoke of such things I judged to be inadequate in some way, their so-called “spirituality” not to be trusted.

As I’ve matured, I’ve realised how much wounding was behind this view. Essentially it reflected a belief that I¬†wasn’t worthy of true spiritual connection, that I was faulted and incapable, and this belief was projected outward onto the world around me. As I’ve begun to heal that belief, so I’ve begun to give credence to the authenticity of other people’s spiritual journeys. And what a relief that is, because out of it a sense of companionship and community can grow. The more I enter into my own authority and self trust, the more companions I find all around me.

Currently my main source material for this is Tami Simon’s Insights at the Edge podcast. Tami is the founder of Sounds True publishing (see this great clip where she shares her three biggest insights from 25 years in the recording studio there). In Insights at the Edge she interviews a different Sounds True author each week.

And I just love how she does it. Over the years she has met and published many of the most respected spiritual teachers of our times, so she is not fazed by anyone, no matter how wise, how revered or how successful. She simply asks questions that are probing, insightful, grounded and never fawning. This really gets the most out of her interviewees. I often wonder that they go deeper into their teaching, as well as revealing more of their own humanness, than they might if simply presenting their material on their own.

Sometimes, when my young family are out for the day and I have the house to myself, I sit and make myself lunch and listen to Tami’s latest podcast. And the sense grows stronger in me each time: I am part of a large and growing movement of people all over the world, all seeking to understand life afresh, to find depths of inner wisdom that will transform the way we are living, for the sake of a new world…

Thanks, Tami.

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