The Tailor With Two Masters

I was really happy with this performance. About forty people squeezed into the basement at Cafe Gaia in Aarhus, Denmark to hear this story. There are a lot of comic touches; at times I’m almost in the realms of stand up comedy, which I’m very pleased about. And there’s a lot of depth to it too. I love the tailor’s dilemma, and the way he gets out of it.

Lately my performances have been going from strength to strength, and I often find myself saying that this latest performance was the best I’ve ever done. It depends a lot on the audience as well; we create the atmosphere together. But, for what it’s worth, in terms of it’s humour, audience rapport, playfullness and depth, I’d say is one is the best performance I’ve done to date. Here’s to the upward curve!

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