Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Crown’s Regret

I told this story to a group involved in the Findhorn Nonviolent Communcation Intensive, which I lead with my friends Kit Miller and Dominic Barter. This year we tried something new, which was that unlike any other program at Findhorn (and at most such centres) there was no upfront fee for participation in the week. Read More…

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Strength Training

I’ve surprised quite a few people recently by embarking on a strength training program.
About four years ago I was given Ken Wilber’s excellent ten CD set Kosmic Konsciousness. In amongst all kinds of learned and insightful material on a wide range of spiritual topics was something that I wasn’t expecting. Wilber started citing research showing Read More…

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Piercing the Veil

I told this story in a heavy rain storm, in a little summer house near the sea in Denmark. It was warm and we had the windows open and the heavy rain and frequent thunder are clearly audible in the background.
I guess most storytellers learn to use unpredictable intrusions from their environment to their stories’ Read More…

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