Hold the Line, Daddy!

This is an awesome story. It takes a while to warm up, but once it got going it kind of blew me away.

I told this on a Deepening Retreat, for people who had already learned the basics of Intuitive Storytelling and were wanting to keep honing their practice with me. In the group was a woman who, at the time unbeknown to me, had produced an excellent short film that dealt with the experience of girls “coming of age” and the new attention that they consequently attract from men, even those closest to them. We watched the film later in the retreat, and I was amazed at how the story I had told earlier seemed somehow to include some of the themes she had addressed.

Anyway, the theme that the group began with was “Shame”, and the story addresses this on many levels, four in fact, as this story, like several others recently, goes to a fourth level.

And it’s quite a fourth level. I’m not used to such raunchiness in my stories, but I totally celebrate it. I love the Octopus character, speaking like a ballsy smart arsed gangster and mercilessly teasing the father that he’s just … well, I guess you need to listen to the story!

I like also to be addressing the theme of incest and, deeper in, of sexuality. I find my own learnings reflected in what the Octopus says about sexuality, and what we find when we plumb its depths, with the question, “how can I embrace my sexuality, but use it with great respect and care”. The father in this story literally drinks himself to the bottom of the ocean to find out.

Once again, I feel kind of embarrased to be enthusing about my own work like this, but I want to be honest here too. Given the way this work comes to me, when it comes like this, I’m dancing inside.

Visit this story page.

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